Meridian City

Session 6

The City Sleeps in Flames


The Following is an excerpt from Owen’s Diary

Dear Diary


That’s all I can say.


The last twenty four hours have been the most emotionally devastating, horrifying, and in some… small ways… exciting? Shae’s children what the hell am I saying.

Good gods where do I even begin with this cluster fuck.

First and foremost lets go back to church. Fuck Yoel and his violent followers. I watched a friend die to that fervor. And though he may have been uncomfortable company at times, he was a good and honest friend who truly cared about the rest of us. Atyr guide him safe across the river.

Well the keepers took the priest and we buried our body. Keepers are fucking dumb by the way. Maybe its just the fresh ones, but I bet they would sink in the ocean being so dense.

We were attacked by a man with a hand scythe on our way out of the cathedral. First he cut our escape rope from the darkness. Later he embedded his scythe in a door frame we were about to walk through. Strangely he didn’t want to fight. He had some other purpose, with Tiska I think.

Speaking of.


Shea’s bosom, is it right to be attracted to someone who makes you so uncomfortable? Occasionally she gets this cold dead look in her eyes that just steals all warmth from the air. Like two gemstones were set on your skin, cautiously scanning your body for weakness to exploit with an arrows head. Sometimes I watch her in battle and forget to do anything its so…

Incredible. I haven’t experienced such a thrill in years. And from a woman no less!

Well, my infatuation aside, we finally made it back to the kitten not long after the funeral. Everyone was drinking, especially me. After the day we had it seemed appropriate.

Things only got more bizarre though. We have a talking tiger now. His name is Raasha. He’s pretty alright. Kinda loose witted but supposedly hes only been “awake” for a few hours so hopefully it’ll improve with time.

I kinda lost track of what else was happening. Around this time I figured out that Tiska was just as interested in me.


I was looking for a place to sleep. It looked like I was going to hit Zelkova’s couch again, but Jane and Raasha took that option. So instead I was going to sleep in Mathias’s room. But Tiska seemed very interested in keeping me out of there.

Diary, she isn’t very subtle.

So, I decided to just fucking go for it. I got very drunk. Took my shirt off. Tried to space out in the bed so she could get close without feeling awkward. But you know what, there’s something a bit off with Tiska. All my usual charms fell by the way side. She was afraid to touch me, she slept in her clothes, she barely talked to me all night. I though she had drank almost as much as me, but from the mannerisms and reservations it seemed to me like she was stone cold sober and VERY afraid of me.

which is bullshit, but I wont force her to do anything. So we slept

It probably didn’t help that I almost murdered her when i woke up. Same mermaid nightmare. Same cold ocean.

Bright side, we were cuddling before that. That was pleasant. I had to fucking ruin it with my terrors but I’ll take the little victories.

Anywho, my emotions are all outta whack so I ended up confessing to my actual past to her. Which went over better than I expected actually.

Oh fun fact, she actually is an Ex-assassin! Which explains those ravishing eyes of deaths she stares at people with. Sometimes I wish she’d just tie me to the bed, stare at me with those eyes while running a knife’s edge across my body…

Alright before I lose myself, let me finish this entry.

So Tiska and I joined the others for a simple breakfast. Mathias’s granddaughter was very adamant that we stop the carnival from setting up so that we can prevent a slaughter in the 14th district.

The 14th district by the way is a slum where all the rejects make their home. Orc’s, Minotuar’s, Fennic, Fallen, Lizardfolk. Its a breeding ground for them. And it also happened to be suffering from a horrific plague.

That’s not a problem anymore.

So with the help of Buttercup, who apparently planted the boxes with his new group. We tracked down the music boxes and destroyed each one in turn. It went well

At least, until we got to the final music box.

The last one was different. It was being played by a man on stage while a large group of masked patrons watched as he swayed to its repetitive notes. The room screamed “you’re going to fucking die in here” So we decided to purse an alternate means of eliminating this box. Well most of us. Tiska with her gemstone eyes and deadly grace stayed and shot the music box, destroying it without an issue. She fled the building and we barricaded the door so the mob couldn’t follow.

It sounds so very controlled and planned when written out like this, but we were all in a frantic panic. Someone suggested burning the building down, and I gotta admit in the moment it seemed like a great idea. In fact, I can’t remember a single person protesting the Idea. So shank, who apparently can perform demonic fire magic, set the building on fire.

And the fire spread.

Because we were in the shitty slums.

During the dry season.

Diary. We burned down the 14th district.

All of it.

that’s roughly 100,000 people, dead in the inferno. Well, some of them were people.

I don’t really know what to do with myself after that.

We went back to the kitten while the inferno spread. Got really drunk.

And that’s when the magic happened.

All the violence and bloodshed must have gotten Tiska going. I haven’t felt such force and aggression since my days as a Shipsis. She took me like I was her property. Used me up. it was incredible. I’ve never felt more alive. I mean, I broke down crying afterward from the emotional roller coaster I had been on, so I REALLY HOPE she didn’t get the wrong idea. But Shae’s warm embrace i can’t stop fantasizing about it happening again.

I just hope we don’t have to burn down an entire district next time.

Fuck. I think I’m really in love.



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