Yoel and Yoel's Hammers

Yoel is the twelve armed god of battle, warfare, justice, emotion, punishment, and self-improvement. Yoel is normally depicted as a sphere with a large eye in the center of it. From that sphere sprout twelve large muscular arms. Yoel is depicted as floating in most artwork, but the devout know that he throws himself using his arms. This rapid form of movement gives the appearance of floating.

The tenants of Yoel decree that the most important thing in life is ones self. Only the self can defend ones self from danger, only the self can improve one’s situation, and only the self can help others. Yoel decrees that everyone should work to become the best self they can so that they may use it for good.

Yoel also decrees that battle and warfare is glorious. To die on the battle field is to join Yoel in The Myriad. Fighting for ones home and ones people is the most honorable of duties, and protecting innocents is a grand task.

Yoel also preaches intollerance for automation. Any work that is made easier by a machine is viewed with contempt. Work is difficult to make the worker stronger. Easier work makes one weaker in the eyes of Yoel

Yoel’s Hammers are a religious group that is singularly devout to Yoel. The Hammers dress in boiled mail and various forms of medium armor. Members can be identified by their braided hair crowns and large stone clubs that have hammer heads carved into the top.
Yoel’s hammers serve primarily as a mercenary group, taking tasks for little pay if the cause is honorable. However the Hammers are also self employed at times, campaigning causes that would empower them or paint them in a good light.

The hammers secondarily serve as carpenter warriors. As they march they build roads, they construct houses, and they repair foundations. Members are required to learn about construction and mathematics before they join.

Yoel and Yoel's Hammers

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