Tune and The Patrons

Tune is the Goddess of Color and Light. Her domain includes Art, enlightenment, purity, expression, emotion, light, and darkness. As a goddess Tune preaches that all races should invest in self-discovery and only by realizing ones inner color can they truly communicate with others.

Tune is most often worshiped by artisans, crafters, and artists of many calibers. Her creative expressions overlap with the progressive dictate of C’Thn leading many devout artist to worship both gods equally. Tune’s teachings are less progressive and more wild, While Shae may be the goddess of life Tune is the goddess of nature and the beauty of a sunset or the majesty of the ocean are attributed to her handiwork.

The Patrons are a devout order of fine artists in service to Tune. A small group of rigorously selected nobles make up its members, all of whom funnel significant amounts of their own capital into The Patrons. With access to this vast sum, The Patrons serve as funders for many of the cities unique ideas and projects. This funding comes at a cost however, as The Patrons wish for Tune to be expressed in any project they have a hand in.

The Patrons are celebrated by most common folk as champions of art and goodness. One of their most recent works built a several thousand gold waste network within The Brow. The creation of this network gave plumbing to a vast section of the circle, allowed for a large section to be cleaned of pollution, and gave many citizens space to paint murals. Some nobles see The Patrons as naive and simple minded, but many former members claim that they have a significant and wonderful hidden agenda

Tune and The Patrons

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