The Tower of the Ven

In the center of the fifth circle lies a tower so large that its peak seems to kiss the clouds above. This is known as The Tower of the Ven and has been the residence and resting place of every Ven since the cities creation.

The Tower was not always as massive. Its original height was just above the fifth circles nine foot walls, letting the Ven see beyond the walls from his seat. Extensions were made during the founding of the fourth, third, second, and first circles. Buttresses were added to the sides of the tower to add to its stability as it grew beyond 60’.

On this day the tower stands 100’ tall. A complex elevator system within allows visitors and staff to scale the building with relative ease. At the peak, the Ven sits and views the city, going about his business. Up there lies the throne room, Ven’s bedroom, a full size bathroom, and a few auxiliary rooms. there is as well a ladder to the roof of the tower.
Further down the tower there are armories, servant quarters, kitchens and utility rooms and more. Much of the tower’s insides are a mystery and off limits to the public. This is both to maintain the safety of the Ven and to add to the reputation of his tower.

The tower extends fifty feet underground in a spiral network of catacombs. Here, the dead Vens lie in a decorated mausoleum. It is rumored that there is a entrance to this grave from the Wasteway, but rumors and hearsay are not to be trusted.

The Tower of the Ven

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