The Spellbreakers

Because of a colored history of magical intolerance, Meridian gave rise to The Spellbreakers. Specialized warriors whose job it was to hunt down rogue magicians and renegade spell casters. The Spellbreakers also have a secondary objective of retrieving powerful magical artifacts so that they can be destroyed or locked away forever.

The Spellbreakers are in charge of the registration of new magicians in Meridian. As part of this registration, a magician must give out their personal information, Name, Race, Job, location, etc. This gives the spellbreakers files on all possible rogues.

Ironically, The Spellbreakers utilized quite a bit of magic to hunt down magicians. This mostly comes in the form of mobility magic and enchanted gear that burns magical energy and dispels arcane creations.

Most see The Spellbreakers as an honorable sort that perform the will of the Ven. However, many magicians see them as a corrupt entity that spreads a suffocating veil over any magic user in the city, even those who use their powers for good.

The Spellbreakers

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