The Sewer Folk and Leer

Below the circles of the city, a great network of sewage tunnels connects. A marvel of engineering, these wasteways literally keep shit from piling up, diverting it into a exit pipe that leads outside the city. This exit pipe is often visited by Circleless who are looking for cheap fertilizer.

The wasteway has existed almost as long as Meridian itself and is often maintained by workers. However in the last few decades, sightings of beings living down the the wasteway have increased. These people are known as Sewer Folk, the unwanted of Meridian who chose a hiding place beneath the walls instead of a farmers life outside them. These sewer folk have been seen breaking up impasses, pulling out non organic waste from the networks, clearing blocked grates, and more or less assisting with the maintenance of the wasteway. Officially, the public servants of meridian are not to harm or impair The Sewer folk as long as they remain helpful.

One particular Fennic exists as a unique member of the sewer folk. The fuzzy Leer. Notable by his matted auburn fur which sports clumps of waste from all his days slogging through the tunnels, Leer is often seen as the most prominent member of the sewer folk. Leer is a potent necromancer, often collecting the skeletons that are found floating in the wasteway and resurrecting them as servants. These servants are used to staff “Rot-Farms”, Sewer based farms that produce a number of low light food stuffs like mushroom, moon-wheat, and Umberthistle.

Leer is a difficult man to pin down, and most attempts end with him scurrying off into the smaller tunnels. Four of his rot farms have been located but he appears to rarely visit them. Further more, attempts to enter the rot farms have been met with the worker skeletons abandoning their duties and attacking the invaders with improvised weaponry.

The Sewer Folk and Leer

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