The Orderkeepers

As a city with such a vast size and scale, Meridian boasts several levels of law and order to keep chaos at bay. The effectiveness of these groups is questionable at times but their existence over the last few hundred years has no doubt kept the city from descending into anarchy

At the highest level, you have The Grand Legion. The Grand Legion is a collection of Meridians permanent soldiers, the force that is deployed in times of war who trains the militia and who staffs the walls in times of peace. The Grand Legion sees little action in peace time. Their acts include patrolling the walls, training themselves and new recruits, and maintaining equipment. Most see the legion as glorious individuals who’s actions uphold the honor of the city.

Below The Grand Legion is The Honor Guard. The Honor Guard is arguably the most well trained group in meridian, as well as the smallest. Filled with members from all walks of life who have proven themselves as both trustworthy and skillful, The Honor Guard serves the Ven. Often they are nothing but body guards, however from time to time the Ven will order them on a mission within the city. Most learn to fear The Honor Guard, as interference with their mission could mean death.

After The Honor Guard comes the Militia, the last group dedicated to war and combat. The Militia is more a list of names than a group of people. Made up of thousands and thousands of able bodied men and women in meridian who at a moments notice will take up arms in defense of the city. The Militia does not leave the walls and are only raised in the most dire of times. Their forces train once a month and admittedly are not the greatest of soldiers, however their numbers exceed any other of the cities forces.

Below the Militia comes The Peacekeepers. The Peacekeepers are actually five separate entities who exist to enforce the laws of meridian and keep order in the city. Each piece of the Peacekeepers exist in a different circle of meridian and deals with the local issues. These groups meet once a week to report on the happenings in their circle and inform the other groups of any events that might spill into another circle. The Peacekeepers are not often looked upon in good favor. members are known as “Keepers” by the weary public, and keepers who hide themselves in a public setting are known as “Mimics”. Mimics are often responsible for busting unlicensed magic users and low key criminals.

Some say there is another group, whose true name is unknown but whose nickname inspires fear, Wheelbreakers. A secret group of punishers who dance to unknown whispers from within the government. Their name comes from the large wheels they carry on their backs. If a man is found broken, strapped to a wheel mounted on a pole, do not touch him, The Wheelbreakers took him, and will take you if you disturb their prey.

The Orderkeepers

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