The Hematic Pantheon

While most gods and goddesses are viewed in a positive light, it is important to understand that the pantheon is not strictly good. As characters, the gods are flawed and imperfect. They do not understand the plight of mortals who would objectively see pieces of their domains as evil or cruel. In order to cope, a Hemantic Pantheon was created to explain away these evils, however the Hemantic gods are the same gods under different names
This post reveals the dark side of the pantheon.

Shae – Under Shae’s doctrine all life is sacred. This includes life born of rape, incest, infestation, parasitic and so forth. These horrid means of fostering life are somewhat encouraged. To this end, Hematic followers are sometimes known as Plaguebearers due to the vast quantities of parasites and infestations they carry. Most plaguebearers do not choose this path, it is forced opon them. Shae is also the patron goddess of Centuars and Minotaurs, with either race having wild animistic tendencies. Shae’s Hemantic name is Lina and is depicted as a horrific kraken who steals women

Yoel – Under Yoel’s doctrine, all battle is glorious. To this end, destruction, pillaging, genocide, propaganda and sieging all fall under Yoel’s domain. Yoel is the inspiration to warlords and tyrants who see their own power and well being as the most important factor in their world. Due to the vast amount of killing often done in his name Yoel is sometimes referred to as The Blood God. in the Hemantic pantheon, Yoel is known as Kirk and is depicted as a behemoth who swallows children.

C’Thn – C’Thn cares little for mortals in his domain. Progress doesn’t necessarily require the sentient races. Progress also tends to come at a price. To this end, Vivisection, Unethical experimentation, brainwashing, and kidnapping all fall under C’Thn’s doctrines. Many Liches and practicians of dark arts follow C’Thn’s Hemantic image. In the Hemantic pantheon, C’Thn is known as Dune and is depicted as a Sand Dervish.

Tune – While Tune is the goddess of light, she is also the goddess of darkness. Patron saint of vampires and werewolves, Tune gives favor to creatures of the night. Tune also gives favor to creativity of any kind. Inventive Torturers draw inspiration from her, As do members of the dark carnival and slave pits. War mages see her as the reason to invent new methods of destruction and war. Tune’s Hermantic name is Enya and is depicted as a Two Headed Dragon, who’s wings blot out the sun.

Atyr – Atyr is the most neutral of gods, and has no true evil side as viewed by mortals. However, there are times when Atyr seems to ignore his natural duties. During this time, the dead do not die but instead rise again endlessly. Every death robs those who have died of more and more of their wits until they are but mindless husks who function entirely off instinct. These periods can last weeks, or years, and no one has been able to discover what triggers them. Atyr’s Hemantic name is Rita, and is depicted as a Shadow who gives birth to corpses.

The Hematic Pantheon

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