The Feral Kitten


“Welcome to The Feral Kitten. Ignore the smell, that’s the blood from last week’s brawl, couldn’t get the stains out o the tables either, but you’ll forget about it once you sink a cup of grog.

The Kittens got everything you could ask for. Cheap strong drinks, loose women, plenty of space and tables, and a real lack of restraint. If it’s work you’re looking for, the kitten attracts all manner of patrons looking for workers, jobs might not be clean though.

Beds are upstairs, no mites we dusted last week. You can rent by the hour or day, long as we’re paid it don’t matter much what you do there.

Sit down and share a story, or listen to Painhammer and his merry band of demon-tongued singers. They’re here often, spend a good amount of money round these parts.

If you need anything, Mother Nyn’s behind the bar. She might be rough around the edges, but don’t let the teeth fool you, she’s a mother bear and takes care of her cubs.

Relax, or get rowdy, long as you don’t bust the bar have fun fighting. Mind your spells, we get a few mimics in here trying to bust the unlicensed every week or so. They don’t stay long but they’ve made some busts here and there.

Drink your lumpy brew and bite some tough bread. The Feral Kitten will ease your woes. Just make sure you bring some coin."

A dive bar located in the heart of The Brow, the Feral Kitten is run by the lovely Lady Nyn-Gola, also known by her patrons as Mother Nyn. Nyn boasts a vast assortment of exotic brew, women, and entertainment. Out of all the bands who have been in her employ, she seems fond of The Tomb Hounds. Could be Painhammer’s devilish grin, but what matters most is that her patrons love their music.

It may not be the cleanest bar in town, but to most that is part of its charm. Apart from its more conventional wares, the Feral Kitten is a place where one has the chance to find connections to the underground and to black market goods and services.

The Feral Kitten

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