The Fennic

Art provided by Geoff Miller

The Fennic are most easily described as Fox-gnomes. Standing at most three feet tall, Fennic sport a coat of fur that naturally keeps them warm in cold environments. Fennic have traditional fox snouts instead of normal mouths. Their noses are only slightly more sensitive than a standard humanoid. Fennic’s are considered strange looking by most of the public. They have massive, jet black bug eyes that lack any discernible pupil or iris. Their ears are also comically over-sized, jotting out left and right from their heads like a pair of retarded bat-wings. These ears are also prehensile and can be moved at will/used to hold light objects. A Fennic’s legs are reverse jointed, making them exceptional runners. Their natural paws are robust and able to handle most environments without the aid of shoes. A short, fluffy tail (maximum length 8in) sports from the back of the Fennic’s hips, making most pants that are not tailored for them extremely uncomfortable. This tail serves as a balance mechanism.

Fennic come in three major colors, Maple, Ash, and Charcoal. Some Fennic have come to dye their fur believing that they are unique special snowflakes. Others add streaks of color for ritualistic purposes or tribal reasons.

In Meridian, Fennic mostly serve as messengers, scouts, ship hands, tavern workers, pickpockets, or merchants.

The history of the Fennic is mired in mystery and obscurity. Most believe they came to the city one day and intregrated. Others believe they are an unnatural race that was created by another. Others still believe they are a Divine race sent to watch the other races by the goddess Tune.

As a playable race Fennic are considered Small creatures.
They get a +2 to Dex and a -2 to Con. Fennic have a base movement speed of 35 feet. As well they get +2 to Spot and Listen.

The Fennic

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