The Fallen

The Fallen are of an average height and rather stocky humanoid creatures. Their physical appearance is marked by dark purplish blue skin. This skin is also inscribed by lines and markings that are present from birth, their appearance is often mistaken as intricate tattoos.

Fallen descend from a race of magically prosperous humanoids who once lived on an island at sea. Their prowess with the arcane was legendary across the world, and their skills would soon lead them to hubris. One day, a legacy spell was cast that destroyed the island and slaughtered most of the population. Those who survived were permanently marked by the magical energies, now sporting colored flesh and intricate markings where the magical energies coursed through their veins. With no home left the survivors departed for better shores.

As a society Fallen are eager to prove themselves. While they make ample magicians, most fallen show some restraint when practicing the magical arts. Many fallen take a humble path, serving as monks or clerics, others find their salvation in battle. Hot headed and strongly unified with their people, Fallen seek to restore the honor of their blood.

Within Meridian most fallen are seen with unease. The legend of their downfall is well known, and many in Meridian already see magic as a dangerous force thanks to the work of The Silencers. This often leads to Fallen leading difficult lives, getting refused service and passed up for opportunities. Despite this most fallen seem to possess unwavering resolve. Perhaps the magic in their blood empowers them?

As a playable race Fallen receive -2 to wisdom and no stat bonus. However they gain an additional feat, and additional spell uses when pursuing a magical class, or the ability to take a spell when playing a non magical class.

Fallen also receive the “Refresh” ability. Refresh allows a Fallen to restore the use of some spells between Long Rests. This power comes with a bit of a risk, every use raises the chance of Overload. Overload causes the Fallen to rupture magical energy, both dealing damage to himself and casting a spell wildly.

The Fallen

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