The Crag

The crag is the fourth circle of Meridian and easily the most insufferable. Bureaucrats, lawmakers, nobles, and rich merchants make up the bulk of the citizens in The Crag. Many of Meridians governmental buildings are located in this circle of the city, as well as some of the best food and accommodations in the entire city. However, The Crag is an extremely expensive place. A days rations cost a regular workers week in gold.

The Crag is an extremely segregated community. The primary races who inhabit this area are Elves and Humans. Most of the elite view Cross-breeds as impure and other races as lesser beings. However, a few progressive royal families have begun to absolve this view from their lines.

The Crag is rules by the Horus family, the current leading royal family in Meridian. Their position was obtained in the last Royal Rumble in which their proxy champion, an unknown warrior from the west named Turok, slaughtered through the competition effortlessly. His victory was so dominant that the other families cried foul, however no evidence of foul play was found

The Horus family rules with an iron fist in The Crag. Magic is regulated far more highly and even the most basic of spell will draw heavy attention from the guards. Many taxes and obtuse regulations were put in place requiring all citizens of The Crag to perform a tricky “social dance”. Any missteps are heavily fined.

The Horus family is opposed by nearly every other royal family, however the Fray family is their leading competitor. The Frays openly disregard the Horus bureaucracy and refuse to pay any fines they may rack up. Their members travel with strong mercenaries of often “Wild Races” including Lizard folk, Orcs, Minotaur’s, and more.

The Crag, despite its corruption, keeps the rest of Meridian running by law. The leaders of all five circles meet in The Crag to discuss global law and elect members of the guard and other social systems. The Ven or High King regards the Crag Highly, praising its grand service to the City

The Crag

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