The Circleless

The Circleless are a wide variety of people who live outside of meridian. Most of these people make livings as farmers, shepherds, or cowboys providing many needed foodstuffs to the people of Meridian.

Many Circleless are seen as dirty, lowbrow, common folk, and many fit this description, however there are some who choose to live outside the walls for reasons other than the land. Many Circleless view the walls not as means of protection but as cages for the people inside. Others reject the rule of the Ven, whose laws do not extend to The Circleless.

However, some members of The Circleless do not choose their fate. To become a Circleless is the ultimate punishment especially for a noblemen. Members of families who are disgraced by any means, who break laws but escape capital punishment, or who’s elders deem need a lesson in humility are cast out of Meridian and forced to either leave the city all together or take the mantle of The Circleless.

The Circleless greatly outnumber most of the circles with an estimated population in the 200,000’s. However these members are spaced out widely withing a several mile radius of Meridian. Occasionally their members rally behind a cause, noble or otherwise but these rally’s rarely last as there are crops to harvest and animals to feed.

The Circleless

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