The Carin

The Carin is the fifth circle of Meridian, the smallest, and the first ever constructed. Its walls are perfectly circular, bordering all other circles. The Carin is the home of The Ven, The High King of Meridian, his palace is located in the exact center of The Carin. However the location of the palace seems to have little effect on the surrounding area, The Carin is host to people of all walks of life and all races. It favors no practice and serves as an example of the basic laws that govern all of the circles.

The Carin is home to the Bizarre Bazaar, a collection of markets that differ vastly from day to day. The wares depend on who is traveling through The Carin, however given the circles location citizens and merchants from all of the circles pass through The Carin often.

The Carin is host to 10,000 citizens of all races. No fringe races exist here however, The Ven does not tolerate their presence. Despite that however the circle has no outstanding issues, all the citizens are well fed, well housed, and healthy.

The current Ven is a dwarf by the name of Ballabalar. Ballabalar came from inglorious beginnings, being a slave fighter from birth. He rose through the pits being mentored by the strongest and slimiest until he finally escaped his captivity. Years spent as a mercenary earned him the eyes of Generals who recruited him more permanently in their ranks. His pit fighter tactics became honed and supplemented by battle tactics, honorable warfare and the friendship of his companions. Displaying valor battle after battle Ballabalar was Knighted by the previous Ven. The two became friends at the preceding ceremony. Years later Ballabalar was recruited to the honor guard, then shortly after to its head. One night, tragedy struck the old and aging Ven. His family line was assassinated, all 42 members in a single night that would become known as “The Black Morning”, in reference to the discovery the next sunrise. By law, the leading noble family would be in succession in the event of no heir, However in a defiant act the Ven declared that his Head Guard, Ballabalar would succeed him, and any who wished to contest his word could challenge the dwarf. If the dwarf was defeated, Succession would pass to the royal family.

Ballabalar fought off challengers for three days and three nights, breaking only briefly at times for ale or a bite of mutton. After all the royal champions had fallen, the families recognized Ballabalar as their next Ven. Seven years later The Ven perished.

The Fifth Circle offers any visitors a chance to pass through, Staying however is more difficult, there are no public Inns, one must have an invitation to stay at a private place. Vagrants are forced off the streets, sometimes into other circles, sometimes into jail cells.

The Carin

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