The Brow

The Brow is the third circle of Meridian and the second largest. It served originally as an production circle employing swaths of citizens in various labor jobs. that was before the advent of industrial technology. With the introduction of the steam engine and industrialization many of the workers have been replaced with cheap automation or simple robotic workers. As a result, The Brow is the poorest and most unstable of the circles. The factory owners protect their industry with mercenaries and loyal warriors while the citizens often have to fend for themselves. Most of the living centers in The Brow have descended into slums after the economic collapse.

Standard races live in the brow including Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Fennic, Teiflings and Orcs. Some fringe races exist here as well from a time when their exaggerated strengths were needed at the forge. These races include Goliaths, Minotaurs, and Lizard men. The population of The Brow is estimated to be around 80,000.

The current ruling party of The Brow is the Sagittarius Royal Family. Once a respected family of Meridian, the Sagittarius family fell from grace when they failed to win a single match at the last Battle Royal. Despite that they attempt to do the best they can for their citizens, reforming tax laws to support a less employed population as well as introducing breaks for Shae Bearers who establish themselves in the circle.

A secondary group is attempting to usurp The Sagittarius family. The Yoel Hammers, a religious group in service to the brawling god Yoel, preaches intolerance for the machinery that took over the production. They promise to impose heavy taxes on automated workers and to restore thousands of jobs to the people of The Brow if they are to gain power. Many accuse the Yoel hammers of “Throwing their weight around” to get what they want, to which the Hammers declare they are doing the work of Yoel.

The Brow is an important economic circle for Meridian, providing many of the processed goods and refining many of the required fuels and items used by the rest of the city. Loss of the vast swaths of production would devastate Meridian, perhaps destroying it entirely

The Brow

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