The Brae

The Brae is the second circle of Meridian and the third largest. The Brae sits adjacent to the coast and is the largest mercantile center of the city. Many sailors and foreigners can be found in The Brae, as well as taverns and theaters who cater to less savory individuals.
The Brae is the most liberal of circles, most recreational drugs and acts are legal including Shimmerweed, and Prostitution. The local government is even somewhat lenient on magic users allowing certain schools of magic to practice openly, however the High-Laws still apply.

Due to its liberal status, many guilds make their home in The Brae. Mercenary guilds of all kinds hold trials and tournaments here, Magic guilds find cheap licensing for their arts, craftsmen gain ample access to supplies brought in from the ships, and so on.

The ruling party of the brae is the Golden Sons, a mercenary group who lead the Sagittarius family to victory in the Battle Royal two years prior. The immense sum gained by the company propelled them into the governing body of The Brae. Their first year in office has been mostly productive, however many of the government programs that existed to help the poor and unlucky of the circle have been gutted or completely removed in favor of tax breaks on Guildhalls and Mercenary Homes. Though many were unhappy with these changes, many mercenary groups established new homes in The Brae as a result, boosting the local economy. Many shop owners and businesses praise the Sons openly while others call it favoritism and rotten politics.

The brae favors Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Teiflings, and Fennic. Occassionally scores of Lizard-Folk sailors will visit the area. Their appearance is no longer seen as surprising or scary, however some maintain that these men are “Cold-Blooded monsters”
The Brae is adjacent to The Field and The Carin. It has one entrance from land and 9 ports across the Circle. It sports a mercenary navy, with most of the ships belonging to the Golden Sons.

The Brae

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