The Arcane Bindings

One of the greatest threats to society is the work of magicians, wizards, necromancers, enchanters and arcane manipulators of any sort. Their ability to generate free labor, to conjure food and drink for free, to manipulate appearances and enhance or sharpen mundane tools threatens to collapse the economy and put hard working normal folk out of work.

To this end, the first Ven created the Arcane Bindings, a list of rules that all official magicians and wizards must abide by. Any who were caught violating their bindings were to be punished depending on the severity of their spell casting. These punishments ranged from small time spent in prison, community service, and religious excommunication to plucking out eyes, sowing mouth shut, amputating limbs, and even death.
the Bindings are as follows

  1. A magician shall never permanently conjure.
  2. A magician shall never use magic to fulfill an artisans job.
  3. A magician shall never use magic in a contest
  4. A magician shall never use magic for deception
  5. A magician shall never create life
  6. A magician shall never raise the dead for labor
  7. A magician shall never contact a higher entity

Along with this, four centuries later the fifth Ven added a registration for Magicians. Any who wished to use magic must apply for this registration, going though a series of tests and classes in order to be sure that they would not upset Meridians balance. Over the years this registration would become harder and harder to achieve, making magic a tool for the rich and noble.

In the modern age, a Magicians registration is expensive and difficult to obtain. The Spellbreakers guild is in charge of performing the required tests and completing the registrations. Though some manage to save up for this registration, most either get it though their nobility or through their guild or job. Many people go into debt having to pay back on their registration for the rest of their lives.

The Arcane Bindings

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