Few aquatic elves find their way into The Brow, its polluted gruffness makes for an uncomfortable environment. Shizu however, sought to stake a claim in the land of the grime. Owner of a few homes throughout the area Shizu stands out like a sore thumb, a bright mark of walking algae on streets covered in soot.

Shizu spends her free time using water magic to clean the blocks around her homes. As licensed magician, she often has to deal with peace-keepers asking for her permit and citizens proclaiming her a devil. Still these interruptions rarely keep her from her duty. Her street is the most noticeably different from the rest of The Brow, Bright cobblestone that shines, Walls that lack the blackened coat of pollution, and windows that are clean and clear.

Shizu frequents bars in the area, spending quite a lot of time drinking. Often time this has lead to some tricky situations, drinks overflowing due to her magic use, bar fights due to her drunkenness, and a couple of inappropriate displays of affection. Rumors circulate that she’ll let just about anyone into her bed and a couple of stories suggest her interest in Minotaurs.

Charming and light hearted, Shizu has been known to make good company. Just make sure you can keep up.


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