Rotrer and The Dark Carnival

The denizens of the Brae share a common fear, the chime of a music box in the dead of night. Hearing this eerie childish tone is a signal that the dark carnival has risen, and the unprepared will soon be its prey.

A collection of the most deviant forces in all of Meridian, The Dark Carnival is a ever mobile sphere of indulgence. Anything goes in the dark carnival. People are killed for fun, hunted down by bladed chariots or drawn up and used as targets. Some will torture others and watch them die, savoring the struggles as ones flame is snuffed out. Some people fuck right in public, consensual or otherwise. Some kidnap others and drag them away to dark places their fates unknown. illegal drugs are taken in plain view. Acrobats leap around from ropes above. A magnificent chaos erupts from the deviants who participate in this madness.

While the Dark Carnival may seem like madness incarnate, it actually serves as a connection point between the prepared and some of the darkest forces the city has to offer. Assassins, thieves, rioters, succubi, all manner of shadowy figures can be hired from the carnival. Illegal substances and services can also be procured here, making it a breeding ground for addicts and dealers alike.

The Carnival dances to the tune of one woman, Rotrer, or Rot to most. A Fallen woman of immaculate beauty, the leylines on her skin a deep ruby over her ash colored skin, radiant eyes of amethyst that could chill a mans blood, or raise his temperature with a look. Rot leads the deviant of the city in what she call “A performance of true expression”. If she wishes for someone to die, They die. The carnival moves at her command, and gathers when she calls for it.

Rot’s strengths lie in more than just her commands, she possesses an unnatural skill with small blades, inhuman dexterity, and a dancing skill rivaled only by gods.

One time, In legend, The Daughter of Enya, Yoko, Temptress of titans and ruiner of princes, became immensely jealous of Rot’s allure. She descended into the carnival with demonic fervor, leaving clumps of weak willed men and woman slobbering at her image. Yoko approached Rot and accused her of hubris, claiming that her mortal skills were nothing compared to the gods. Rot only smiled Coyly and offered to appease Yoko by sharing a bed with her.

This offer only upset Yoko further, thinking it a great insult to share a bed with a mortal. Instead, Yoko challenged her to a dance. Cooing, Rot accepted. The two danced with majesty, sometimes coming together, matching each other steps, sometimes separating and expressing things words only dream of with their motions. Thrice the sun rose and thrice the sun set over the dancers, the members of the carnival watching in awe at their beautiful bodies in motion.

On the beginning of the fourth night, Yoko made a single stumble, the slightest misstep in her tempo. She froze, Rot gracefully came to a natural stop and watched. Trembling, Yoko shrieked, a cry so loud that every circle awoke in its scream. She fled the carnival, racing into the sky. Rot smiled and returned to her tent.

If you walk alone at night in The Brae, beware the music box’s chime.

Rotrer and The Dark Carnival

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