Oswald Grotto

In the slimy smog covered Brow there are few names as well known as Oswald Grotto. The Captain of Industry to some, Robber Baron to others, Oswald is the largest factory owner in the Third Circle.

While the facts of his upbringing remain obfuscated, the secret to Oswald’s vast wealth is attributed to his unpaired understanding of Clockwork automation. His influence almost single-handedly sparked the Coal-Steam revolution in Meridian, and it is theorized that the city would be hundreds of years behind where it currently is without his existence.

Oswald is a unusually tall Gnome standing 4’9". He spends most of his time working in his private laboratory, delegating most of his managerial work to trusted professionals. He rarely meets with anyone personally, only appearing in public when absolutely necessary. No one know what it is that he works so hard on.

Oswald funds several of The Brow’s social services and has known to be somewhat liberal with his fortune.

Oswald Grotto

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