Brutal, Savage, and relentlessly clever, there are few battles Orcs will run from. Their battle prowess is legendary among mercenaries and knights a like.

Orcs divide themselves into a clan system. Different clans share different ideology’s often times defining the battle tactics utilized by their warriors. For example, Blood moon Orcs take great pride in their skill with maces and will utilize large groups of heavily armored mace wielding soldiers on the battle field. By contrast, Frost Field orcs worship the speed of battle, using large amounts of horse back, or wasp mounted units to overwhelm their foes.
Orcs are notoriously stubborn and difficult to negotiate with. Many Knights and tacticians remove diplomacy as an option when an orc is leading. Some of the newer clans have been more receptive to Reason, but a great battle pride and sense of entitlement mires the path to peace.

The only thing an orc likes more than fighting, is drinking. Preferring deep sour droughts and spirits, Orcs have been the cause of at least twenty taverns closing their doors in Meridian. Some Orc clans have become fine brewers, selling their drinks in the circles that accept their kind.

Though savage in battle and relentless, Orcs are largely honorable. Any who are not killed in battle are taken captive and cared for. Most avoid women, children, and non-combatants, seeking instead to prove themselves in a real fight. The few Orcs who ignore these rules of engagement are know as “Foul-bloods” and are usually deployed first onto the battle field. Few survive their early adult years, however some find their ways into the realm of legend.
Orcs make up a small percent of Meridians population and often serve as bouncers, guardsmen, mercenaries, factory workers, and warehouse crew. Orcs are famously unfond of the sea and it is rumored that they melt when drenched in salt-water.

As a playable race, Orcs have a +2 to Strength and -4 to charisma. They have proficiency all Orcish weapons and an additional bonus depending on their clan. This bonus can range from training in horseback riding and bonuses to mounted combat to bonuses when using a particular weapon in battle. Orc’s also get a racial +2 to Fortitude and Will


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