Noblis Horus, Patriarch

Noblis Horus is the eldest male and thus leader of the Horus family. By his iron fist the Horus family came out of nowhere to become the ruling royal family in Meridian. Known as a strict father, a brilliant and devious negotiator, and a sly tactician, there are few who would openly cross Noblis.

Noblis seems to have a web of connections through meridian. It is assumed that this network of spies, informers, corrupt keepers and bribed innocents are responsible for Noblis’s acquisition of great mercenaries like Turok, the variety of academical ingredients available to the Horus family, and the political sway they hold over other families.

Noblis is a talented duelist and few can boast better skill with a rapier. He rarely takes to the arena and often laughs off duels issued to him. However on the rare occasions that he does fight, the spectacle is said to be one of grace and honor.

Noblis seems to hold no open regard for any of the other families. His response to the outside world is measured and calm, as if every motion was planned out for a greater purpose.

Noblis Horus, Patriarch

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