Occasionally in Meridian, one may encounter the mighty Minotaur. Most notable by their huge appearances, thick matted fur, and long bull faces with massive horns, many see Minotaurs as brutish horrid creatures who have no place in civilization. In Meridian however, many Minotaurs work hard to fit into the world of order.

At the founding of Meridian a race of Minotaurs existed within the mountain range to the north of the city. These beasts were a barbaric tribe whose raids decimated the city in its early years. As time went on the city progressed further and further, eventually siring an army far larger and much better equipped than the barbarians could deal with. Years past and the Minotaurs were left in the dust, unable to assail such a well-protected city.

At one point the tribe split into two. The first half of the tribe remained barbaric and horde like, leaving the mountains to terrorize other lands. The other half gave up their horrific ways and through great effort joined the city.

To this day, Minotaurs are not well regarded. Minotaur biology equips them with near centaur hormonal spikes, sending Minotaurs into primal rages were all they can think about is Fucking and fighting. These rages can be brought on by a variety of triggers, meeting an attractive person (gender does not matter), taking damage, Watching a fight take place, Getting insulted, and more. In some cases Minotaurs will engage in both activities simultaneously.

To make matters worse, Minotaurs possess a unique reproductive ability. Male Minotaurs possess all of the genetic material in order to reproduce, allowing them to mate with nearly any other race. The host’s body instead serves as a living incubator for the Minotaur spawn. This is usually manageable for medium sized races, although a scaring and dangerous experience. Small size races who survive the encounter usually die during pregnancy due to the large size of Minotaur offspring. Reproduction in this way produces somewhat of a “clone” of the male with far less randomization of the offspring’s features. A Half-Minotaur can only be created when a human male mates with a Minotaur female.

Because of this clusterfuck of genetic ability coupled with hormonal rage, Meridian has a very strict Castration policy for Minotaur’s who prove unable to control their rages. Many functioning Minotaur’s of meridians society are Eunuchs. A few choose this path willingly. As well, anyone who has had an undesired sexual encounter with a Minotaur resulting in pregnancy is allowed to request a large dose of Umberthistle in order to end their lives peacefully before birth. This option is not offered to unfortunate men.

Still, despite these qualities Minotaur’s take every opportunity to prove themselves within society serving as effective bouncers, mercenaries, deckhands, factory workers, and warehouse workers. Though they may at times be wild and bestial, they are able to overcome this by great effort and are far less animalistic than their sister race, the Centaurs.

As a playable race, Minotaurs get +4 to strength, +2 to con -3 to wisdom and -3 to charisma.
Minotaurs also have the Hot Blooded class feature. This class feature causes the barbarian to go into a rage on occasion. During this rage the barbarian’s actions line up with his basest desires, potentially resulting in some good or terrible situations. While Raging the Minotaur gets a further +4 to strength and +2 to Con. This rage can be resisted by a Will save. The difficulty of the save goes up depending on the amount of damage taken, or other factors. Minotaurs are immune to mental effects while hot blooded.

This rage stacks with barbarian rage, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


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