Mechanical Changes in Meridian

-Death and dying

As per last campaign, every character gets a once per life “Last chance!” roll, 1-10 = you die, 11-20 = you live.

Your character now dies when their -hp = their Con score. Higher con means it takes more to kill you, Lower con means its easier for you to die.

Dropping into -Hp now gives you -1 to all of your rolls until your next short rest. This stacks. If you drop to -hp three times in a combat, you will get -3 to all your rolls.

-Swimming and Climbing

Characters now swim and climb at 1/4th of their normal speed.

Swimming and climbing requires checks and are now harder.

-Combat changes

Every character is now flatfooted until they make an action in combat.

Crit does not effect magical bonuses to damage nor sneak attack

Shooting into melee combat give a -4 penalty to hit

Drawing a weapon is a move action (unless you have quick draw) Sheathing a weapon is a move action (Unaffected by quick draw)

Charging is a full round action. You must be able to move at least 10 feet IN A STRAIGHT LINE to charge. You can charge up to twice your movement. Charge gives +2 to attack and damage, but -2 to AC until your next action.

Every turn you can take a Standard, Move and Minor action. You can trade a standard action for either other action, and a move for a minor. You cannot trade a minor action for any other action.

You can always take a free 5 foot movement on your turn.


Im working on it

-Magical items

Magical items found in the wild now require a spellcraft check to identify its properties (how to use it) and a Use magic item check to use the item. Once both of these checks have been successfully made an item can be used freely. Magician’s guild members can perform these checks for the party at a cost.

-Potion sickness

Any party member can consume up to two potions in any given combat. Dwarves can consume 3. Any potions beyond the limit have a stacking chance of inflicting potion sickness. If a potion inflicts potion sickness, the drinker gets no effect from the potion, is sickened, and loses the rest of their turn.

-Magical Healing limit

All characters have a limit to the amount they can be safely healed. this limit is equal to half that players total life pool. Going beyond this limit risks rupturing the player being healed (too much positive energy and pop like a balloon.). A fortitude save will be required, failure will deal 1/4th the players total life in damage. This can kill you, beware

potions count as magical healing. Bleach does not.

-Starting level.

All players start at level 3.

-General ideas

Enemies do less damage
Players go negative less (unless you really fuck up)
Healing is less OP/absolutely required
No one gets absurdly broken early (someone will eventually)
Leveling speed is the same as in Zenalzisko.
Gold is the same as in Zenalzisko
Guards pose a threat
Monsters are actually scary
The party might run away on occasion.
Everyone has fun

Mechanical Changes in Meridian

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