Marks of Nobility

During the Battle (of) Royals it can become confusing as to who is fighting for who. To this end, Royal families have adopted both crest and iconic weapons for their champions to wear and wield.

The Freys are marked by the bastard sword. Long, slender with a hand and a half grip, the bastard sword represents the Frey families great ambition and versatility of strength. Their crest displays Yoel himself raising the heavens above the city.

The Horus family is iconized by the Estoc. Precise, thin, and swift, the Estoc is the choice weapon of Noblis himself and is bestowed upon his champions. The Estoc represents the swift and precise decisions made by the Horus family. Their strength lies in their subtle movement, not raw strength. The Horus Family crest displays the five circles of the city, bisected by day and night.

The Sagittarius family entrusts their mighty great hammer to their champions. Large and beautiful, the great hammer represents the unyielding will of the Sagittarius family. Their crest also displays this hammer, shattering the ground beneath its strike.

The Ferrum family offers their champions their special Moonlight blade. a slender, hilt-less curved blade that gleams in the light of day and glows like a torch at night, the moonlight blade represents the beauty and elegance of the Ferrum family.

Marks of Nobility

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