Margret Frey, Bride of Yoel

Most noble families are patriarchies, with the males of the families having the greatest sway over the actions of the family as a whole. This is untrue for the Frey family, and their Matriarch Margret Frey. Margret is a being of legend despite her old age. It is said that the great grandmother of the Frey’s sparked the bloodline anew when she met the god Yoel. Seizing the opportunity she offered her body to the twelve armed one.

After this offering, she was found near death, most of her bones broken, covered in an unknown substance. And pregnant.

In a miracle of recovery, Margret regained her health and delivered twin children Robert and Swain nine months later. Robert and Swain would grow up to be incredibly influential tacticians and warriors. The brothers are completely obedient to Margret’s wishes, giving her control of the entire Frey lineage.

Outside her sexual achievements, Margret is known as an incredibly charismatic politician. Her golden tongue has been known to charm even the most sullen of moon elves and sway the opinions of the most stubborn members of council. With her influence Meridian has opened its gates to more merchants and mercenaries, parties who bolster the local economy. Few of these achievements are ever attributed to the Freys. Their public image is one of battle and glory, their subtle actions rarely get noticed.

Margret’s history is not one of complete glory. It was by her hand that the one well regarded Ferrum family fell from grace. The Ferrum family once boasted the greatest number of moon elves in any elven family. Their influence was vast over meridian, seemingly having their hand in every significant event in the city. Descendants of the great Ven Ynnad, the Ferrums were well liked. That was until the Freys emerged.

Shortly after the birth of the twins, Margret Frey began a grand plot to undermine the Ferrum family. A series of setups and betrayals across the entire city, systematically enacted one after the other began marring the Ferrum name. Their members were caught in cases of bribery, unlicensed magic use, rioting and pillaging, and other great acts of malice. These acts came to a crescendo when the leader of the Ferrum family confronted the freys directly on their shady tactics. This unfortunately played right into Margret’s hand. No one knows exactly what happened that day, only that when the Peacekeepers arrived Margret was crying, clutching her twins, the Ferrums leaders were covered in the blood of dead Freys, and there was evidence of extreme magic use.

Over three fourths of the Ferrum family lost their lives in that time. A quarter were hung for crimes. The remaining Ferrums always place the lowest among royal families though never losing their royal status. The progenitors seek to reclaim the honor of the family.

Despite an age beyond 80, Margret Frey maintains a look near her 40’s. An old and mischievous human, many make the mistake of opposing her. Behind soft skin and beauty lies a brilliant and cruel mind capable of any act to raise her family to the top

Margret Frey, Bride of Yoel

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