Lucius Sagittarius

Few of the noble class can boast a true interest in the good of the people. However, Lucius sets himself apart from his fellows. Head of the Sagittarius family, Lucius presents himself as a clean, strong leader for the people of meridian. Honest to a fault, when Lucius makes promises he keeps them. He never lies to anyone despite the consequences and holds his honor in high regard.

Under his leadership the Sagittarius family saw a long period of grace. They climbed the noble ladder slowly, winning honor after honor year after year in the Battle (of) Royals. Finally, they achieved their dream, becoming the Gold house family. With this new political power, they attempted to enact a number of reforms aimed at modernizing the city. These reforms were not all well received, however, other noble families used their influence to delay or disrupt the changes. Still, the changes that were enacted helped to lift the city up.
Sadly the Sagittarius family would fall from grace one year after achieving their Gold status, losing everything to the Horus and Frey families.

Though raked in the political fray, Lucius and family never gave up on helping the city. Their influence is now limited to the third circle, but they are working hard to clean up the slums and put the impoverished back to work.

Those who spend an extended period of time with Lucius have noted a strange sort of duality to his character. Though he tries to be good and noble, occasionally one will notice a twisted look, or a glint of malice in his eyes. With this he often disappears for days at a time into his private manor or out beyond the circles. Few know of his private affairs, but when questioned Lucius claims he is merely resting and planning for the future.

Honorable and fair, the Sagittarius family tries to be an example for other nobles and the people of Meridian.

Lucius Sagittarius

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