The humble lizardfolk are a deceptively civilized race of bipedal reptilian humanoids. Their origins can be traces to an island in the center of the Ocean of Sagittarius. Undisturbed for many years the Lizardfolk grew in isolation, developing fairly civilized society with under developed technology. Several generations ago when Meridian still lacked walls, early sailors discovered the island and its scaly inhabitants.

The tribal markings and terrifying forms of the Lizard folk were initially the cause of conflict and strife, however the Lizardfolk displayed unusual tact in diplomacy, quelling any squabbles before war could break out.

Over the years, the Lizardfolk have served as prominent trade partners with Meridian trading all manner of island goods and crafts along with the bounty of the sea. The city has provided all manner of science and technology giving the Lizardfolk an even footing to stand on.

Lizard folk, despite their large appearances are far more agile creatures than strong. Quick with their movements and tails, fighting a Lizardman is among one of the most terrifying experiences one could have.

Some claim that the Lizard folk are deceptive and sly negotiators, utilizing their snake charms to manipulate and control others, but others see them as strong trustworthy individuals.

The Lizard folk gain their barbaric reputation from their social system and fighting style. Lizard folk prefer to fight with serrated weapons and wave bladed weapons. In combat they attempt to make their prey bleed as much as possible, prefering to watch the life drain from their victims. Once a prey has fallen from this blood loss, lizardfolk draw their Hui or Spirit Knife, and cut the prey’s heart from its chest. This organ is then devoured.

A Hui is a ritualistic weapon made from island jade. All Lizard folk carry Hui after their coming of age ritual and to lose one’s Hui is to those ones honor.

Socially Lizardfolk worship their own god, Jujimufu the hunter. Under Juji, Lizardfolk worship the art of the hunt and the strength of nature and its members. Lizardfolk utilize all parts of their prey and waste is seen as sin.

Male and female Lizard folk are nearly indistinguishable to the uninitiated, the only differences being in the colors and patterns of scales. Beyond that, males and females speak in similar vocal ranges, have muscular bodies, and tall slender frames.

As a playable class, Lizardfolk gain +2 to Dexterity. However, all Lizardfolk have a weakness to cold 10, taking extreme extra damage from cold due to their physiology. Lizardfolk are medium sized creatures, have double natural swim speed, and have a natural bite attack.


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