Elves in meridian are descendants from one of three bloodlines.

The first are woodland elves. Tall, slender and agile, woodland elves are easily spotted due to their horned foreheads. Like great crowns of bone woodland elves sport their cranial growths with pride. The size of ones antlers depends on the age and gender of the elf. Males typically have large buck or elk like horns that can grow up to a foot and a half at length at the end of their ages. Females often have smaller protrusions that instead of jutting out from the head, curve around it like a halo as they age. However, occasionally a male will be born with the halo and a woman with the horns. These are rare births are considered signs of the elf’s destiny. Woodland elves are easily the most prideful and haughty of the elven races. Their kind make up much of the noble class of Meridian.

Aquatic elves are the second type of elf in Meridian.

Art Provided by Genoa Annis

Swift swimmers who are born with a pair of sea legs, Aquatic elves serve as some of the elite crewmen and captains of Meridian. Most notable by their peculiar skintones, Aquatic elves come in variations of Blue and green, some skin as deep as the ocean, others as gentle as sea-foam. Beyond the skin, Aquatic elves also sport webbed fingers and toes that help them swim. Socially, Aquatic elves are free spirits. They care little for Meridian and live for the adventure of the world. Many offer their services for free on a ship that proves itself worthy and others make a living dealing with unusual and rare items.

The final type of elf is Moon Elves. Moon elves are incredibly pale, so much so that many carry parasols in the sunlight to avoid burning. The name comes from their eyes, pale and radiant blue or grey staring into the eyes of a moon elf is like staring at a full moon. They are slender and soft featured unlike their woodland counter parts. Their hair rarely comes in colors other than black and various shades of grey. Moon elves are secretive even from their own kind, they keep to themselves and only let their most trusted friends and family in to their inner circles. The current ruling royal family is a Moon Elf family.

Each of these variants of Elf is playable. You may use the default elf template for your character and add my physical features or message me for more fitting racial traits.


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