C'Thn and The Order of Progress

C’thn, lord of progress and creation is a god worshiped by craftsmen and scientists of all walks of life. His domain encourages the faithful to never accept their world and difficulties as absolute. The faithful should devote themselves to their craft trying to hone it to a level of excellence that pushes the next generation to unfathomable heights.

C’thn is a natural antithesis of Yoel. Where Yoel encourages the strengthening of the self, C’thn encourages one to overcome their self with the use of tools and technology. Worshipers of either side butt heads often over this difference.

The Order of Progress is less of a religious sect and more of a guild created in C’thn’s image. Most members of The Order also worship C’thn. The Order collects craftsmen from all walks into their ranks. Blacksmiths, jewelers, artisans, chef’s, bakers, and craftsmen of all sorts make up their ranks. Their mission is to gather the greatest of all these craftsmen in order to create the “Legacy”, a mysterious project with unknown effect.

The Order is considered prestigious. To be called upon by the order is to have your craft recognized as the greatest in your profession. However some whisper in unsavory places that The Order has darker goals. Occasionally a seemingly poor craftsman will be called upon by The Order. Officially The Order claims that they see something regular folk cannot. More concerning, some who are called upon by The Order seem to vanish entirely.

Officially, The Order claims that they are putting great efforts toward The Legacy in an undisclosed location, families of those who have vanished are paid healthy sums in their kin’s absence. Still, The Order appears to be on the side of the city, with many of their representatives being craftsmen who work for The Ven

C'Thn and The Order of Progress

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