Constable Art-Work

There are few teiflings as well known as Constable Art-Work across all of Meridian. Art-Work was born to a single mother in the overcrowded Field. His mother was a unstable woman who constantly exposed Art-Work to many dangerous and difficult to deal with individuals. His childhood was non-existent.

As he grew, a bold anger grew with it. At 16 he left one of his mothers acquaintances broken in a pool of blood in his mothers room. What happened next depends on the rumor, some say he then murdered his mother, others say she tried to break him but he over powered her. What is clear is that she has not appeared in public since Art left his home.

After the violent exchange, Art-Work left to join the Peace-Keepers. He excelled at his job, relentlessly hunting down lawbreakers with animalistic Fervor. In all of his years, only two criminals have been able to evade his pursuit. His excellence in the force earned him several promotions and offers, all of which he turned down preferring to work on the ground where he was most comfortable.

Some say that Art’s heritage flows more strongly in his veins than in others of his kind. Art himself doesn’t seem to care about the rumors. His only focus is his prey.

Constable Art-Work

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