Cheerti and The Sane Men

The field is home to many wonders. Large plots of farmland, overpriced food, apartments bursting with an exploding populace, and the occasionally starving street urchin wasting away on the sidewalk. Its these every day mundane horrors that can drive a man, or woman, to sanity.

Raised by The Shae Bearers, Cheerti is a human woman in her late thirties. Orphaned at birth by parents that could not keep her, Cheerti grew up under the gentle guidance of Bearer Spiou, The Shae Bearers matriarch. Serving as the closest thing to a mother Cheerti ever knew, Spiou pushed Cheerti along the path of a bearer. As a teenager she assisted in soup kitchens, bathed and tended to the needy and wounded, and even learned how to deliver a child.

However, their relationship became strained after Cheerti’s sixteenth birthday. While neither has ever come forward with the story publicly, several rumors get passed around often. Depending on who you talk to, Cheerti was tasked with bearing a divine child of shae and refused. Or Cheerti slept with an orc, concieved, became angry, then sliced her own womb open and plucked the child out herself. Or Spiou revealed herself as a Hermaphrodite and attempted to bed Cheerti by force. The list goes on.

What is clear is that the two parties now share differing Ideologies. Cheerti went her own way abandoning the bearers all together. She continued to help the needy when she could and even started a farm in order to feed those who could not provide for themselves. This goodly nature of hers would lead her to found “The Sane Men”

The Sane Men have similar goals to The Shae Bearers, only with a more long term approach to the problems at hand. Made up of ex.Bearers, farmhands, poets and freethinkers, The Sane Men work as hard as public servants as they do educators. Their battle is an uphill one however, as the field is well stuck in the mindset fostered by 50 years of Bearer rule. However progress has been made in the 10 years The Sane Men have existed, and some say that change is right around the corner.

Cheerti and The Sane Men

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