Dwynen "Dex" Windwalker

"Try to keep up!"



Wood Elf
Brown Eyes
Brown Hair
Delicate Features
Female Antlers
Burn Scars

Dwynen grew up in the 14th district of the third circle. His mother was a consort at a local bar, his father was one of her customers.

When Dwynen was 5, his mother started helping her friend Willard raise his daughter Merella. Dwynen immediately took to Merella, and as the two grew up they became as close as siblings, so of course when they found out that their parents were getting married, the two had no arguments.

Having spent his early years as a courier, Willard taught the children his craft. Teaching them to how to run fast and jump high to avoid obstacles that could delay them. Dwynen, being a woodelf, took to running easily, while Merella took more to plowing through anything that stood in her path. Dwynen took to jokingly calling his sister “Strongarm,” to which she retorted by calling him “Dex.” The names stuck.

After the murder of their mother and stepfather, Dex and his stepsister Merella formed the Roof Runners, in hopes that they could save others the pain they suffered.


Dwynen "Dex" Windwalker

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