Meridian City

Session 12

The Shattering of Five Circles

At the end of the Tournament of nobles, The Ven was slain.

The carnival hid his body, but produced his wares. The world knew of his demise.

The new Ven – Rotrer abolished the government.

Her first and only act.

In wake of this news, a vacuum of power appeared. Forces from all sides rushed to grasp at the corpse of the empire.

The First Circle turned chaotic. Fires and famines raged. People turned on one another. Bandit lords roamed and the keepers were powerless to stop them. That is, until the Shaebearers rallied the remaining keepers. The Religious captured the bandit lords, subjugated them to their ways and spread their influence. The whole of The Field now worships Shae over all other gods. Their opposition, the sane men, are all but wiped out as any opposition to Shae and her mandate is seen as heresy punishable by death. Spiou serves as the Mother of the fields, the leader of the new Religious kingdom.

The Second Circle never descended into anarchy. The largest of the Mercenary groups banded together to form “The Union”, a republic of warriors. Other groups who refused to join or attempted to take for themselves were swiftly routed by the mercenaries. Though this union has subjugated the circle, infighting and squabbles are regular. No formal law was ever drafted, but it is common knowledge that disputes can be settled by a duel to the death. It is recommended to have a witness to the duel, as killing someone in cold blood is still quite illegal. Despite the change in rulers, the Brae’s function has remained unchanged. Traders and good flow in and out regularly.

The Third Circle was considered all but lost to the carnival until an armada of clunky automation took to the streets armed with steam sticks. Slowly and awkwardly they drove The Carnival out of a few districts, securing their borders with massive blockades of steel. The mastermind behind this revolt was none other than the famous inventor Oswald Grotto. Few understand his reasons for liberating a handful of districts, but the populace is delighted to not live in the endless chaos of the carnival.

In the fourth circle two noble families split the land. To the east, the Horus family held dominion, with Noblis enforcing strict rules on trade and travel. To the east, The Frey raised their banners. An army of conscripts and knights patrolled the streets. The remaining noble families have been made to fall in line, their titles and riches consumed by either faction. Despite their normal animosity, the sides seem to have an unspoken agreement not to interfere with the plans of the other. Their forces have been seen working together on regular occasion.

Finally, the fifth circle is ruined. An endless battle ground where all strike out to claim the Ven’s tower and the trade routes throughout. All factions appear here, even an unorganized force of chaos representing The Carnival. Lord only knows who will emerge victorious.


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